During the winter break, Freiburg was very close to FIFA Coins signing Hamburg striker Waldschmidt, but the transfer was negated by Hamburg at the last minute. At the time, Freiburg was willing to pay €4 million in transfer fees for Waldschmidt. According to the German newspaper "Photos", Freiburg will once again seek Waldschmidt this summer.

The report stated that Freiburg will pay the same transfer fee for Waldschmidt, but the opinions of the top management of Hamburg have not changed. They do not want to let go of Waldschmidt. The new coach Titz is very optimistic about Waldschmidt. In the last round match against Stuttgart, Waldschmidt played for the first time this season.

At the same time, the "Photo" reported that Waldschmidt's contract has a 6 million euros buyout clause. If Freiburg can increase the price, or if other teams pay the price, Waldschmidt will leave Hamburg.