In the quarter-finals of the Champions League this Wednesday night, the Reds will be at home against Anfield at Manchester City. The two teams scored 12 goals in the two most recent clashes. Liverpool defeated Manchester City away in September last year. After Manei was sent off with a red card, Liverpool suffered a 0-5 defeat. However, the Red Army succeeded in the revenge of Manchester City with a score of 4-3 in January this year, thus ending Manchester City's undefeated record in the Premier League.

Klopp said: "We had expected that we would lose 0-5 in the first match against Manchester City. Of course, we didn't expect that. Can we think of the second match with Manchester City that could win with 4-3? No. But do we know if we have this opportunity? Of course it is. In fact, it was very clear before, they are the pros. We should have guaranteed that 11 people on the court had finished the game. That was good. We know this is difficult."

"At a particular moment we are at the same level, but they can maintain this level of status more consistently, which is why they are higher in the Premier League standings. But we all know that in an independent game this is It doesn't mean too much. We can find our chances, and we also know it will be difficult."

"If I choose to watch a Champions League game, I will choose to watch this game. There will be a tactical confrontation between the two sides, and the scene will be very hot, and precisely because of the atmosphere at Anfield, the atmosphere will be great. This will It will be an exciting game, we have never met in the Champions League stage before. I have seen some important Champions League games held in Anfield. I know they (spectators) are very special and the atmosphere at home will be too To help us, we also know that they can beat (after the 4-3 victory over Manchester City), but this is a different game, and the first round was played on Wednesday."