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GamersFirst's buy cheap wow gold latest developer blog detailing the progress of APB Reloaded, the new free to play version of APB, has offered new details on what previous players of APB will be able to restore when APB Reloaded goes live.

The new publisher indicates that players of the original APB will be able to claim characters, customizations, and gear, and may also be able to patch from the previous APB client to the new GamersFirst version. Some, but not all, of personal progression data, will likely be restored.

Most notably, original payment data including RTW or other credits spent in the game will not be able to be restored by GamersFirst. While the developers sympathize with players who spent money that cannot be restored, they have neither the money or the data that was spent for the game, as Realtime Worlds no longer exists.

APB players who wish to reclaim their data and/or play the new version of APB when it launches will need to sign up for a GamersFirst account, as the old Realtime World accounts are no longer usable.

For more information about the upcoming APB Reloaded, which is expected to begin closed beta in February, visit the official game website.
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